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Build Your Own Napkin Set

Build Your Own Napkin Set

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🌎Single Ply- Easy to use- Easy to maintain.

Wrap on a roll, fold in a drawer, bunch in a basket- there is no wrong way to store and use them. 

🌻100% cotton flannel unpaper towels are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper towels. They are soft, absorbent, and gentle on all surfaces. Use them to dry hands, clean counters, mirrors, windows, chrome, stainless steel, cars, and more.
If you use a paper towel- you can use these in its place!

🌿The Unpaper Towel Features:
-Reusable and washable cotton flannel towel sets
-1 ply
-Size 12”x12”
-Serged/Overlocked edges to prevent fraying
-Flannel material naturally clings to itself so these are easy to roll and use on your existing paper towel holder.

🌱Care: Machine Wash and Dry friendly **No fabric softener (causes the material to repel water)
🌟Please note that flannel is prone to shrinking when exposed to heat so expect some shrinking to occur. Use the low heat setting on your dryer or better yet, air dry them!

Thank you for supporting my shop! This establishment is Veteran Owned and I am a Mother to four children.
I love sharing what I sew. I hope you enjoy your item and continue to support small businesses like mine.

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