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About Us

We are a USMC veteran owned and operated homestead business. We make eco-conscious home products and custom bags. From your kitchen to your car, you can take us everywhere~

Howdy Y’all, I’m Corinne- USMC veteran, mother of four, owner and operator of HouseWolf Home. 

The name was inspired by my love of wolves, our dog Banjo, and my kids “a wolf is as strong as it’s pack” (thank you Wasco Elementary for my kids tag line).
My “pack” consists of four fantastic daughters, four dogs, my husband (also a USMC veteran) and an expanding number of livestock as we grow our suburban homestead. 
Like many- COVID closed doors and opened others for me- I rediscovered my joy in sewing while making masks for family and friends. I upcycled as much material as I could because buying new simply wasn’t an option. This is how HouseWolf began. 
Sustainable home solutions (cloth “UnPaper” towels) and it has evolved to custom handbags.
I hope you find something that brings joy, is beautiful and unique with a handbag or homegood from HouseWolf. 
Corinne -